How a small reselling application Meesho become 30 k crore business company

There is a famous line in business industry, “Fortune lies in the bottom of the pyramid.” This line perfectly goes for the “Meesho”. This reselling app now have net worth more than 30,000 crore rupees. In this article we will find how this company reach such heights.



Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, these two IIT pass outs, started Meesho in 2015. It is interesting that their business model completely changed in which idea they started. Lets discuss the facts by which the fate of the company totally changed.

Community Ecosystem

Their first strategy was to build a community ecosystem. They focused on two type of people. First is the small seller and second is the women. This company found that small sellers does not have an platform to sell. They also lack proper supplier.

 On the other hand, Women of the country have lot of time in hand but there is lack of identity in online market. This company build a complete ecosystem around them. Due to their very easy interface, at present 70 percent seller in Meesho platform are women.

Nowadays normal men are getting inspired by those women that if they can do the business easily, so can they. This build a complete ecosystem in Meesho.

Zero Commission model 

The second strategy of Meesho is zero commission for seller. This facility is not available in other e-commerce platform like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra. Meesho find three other ways to income. First is delivery charges to shift the product from seller to buyer. Second is advertising fees by which products of particular company or person rank higher in their website. Third is penalty fee which is taken when a supplier failed to deliver products in time.

Seller Centricity

Meesho mainly make their platform to solve some fundamental problems of small local seller. They offer them shipping, supplier and inventory to solve their main problems. They also give freedom to sellers to put their profit margin in their products. They also can sell their product in their own brand name thus they can build a trust factor for their customers.

Local relevance products

In their app Meesho focuses on local relevance products. It will show different items in each state as the demand of products are different in different places. Local handicrafts are mostly sold in local market, so they target their audience that way.

Meesho is also solving their problems very efficiently. Earlier when a reseller send his catalogue to the buyer, sometime it get out of stock which remain unnoticed by the reseller and the buyer. So Meesho invented live inventory system which shows the availability of the products live. 

Mentorship program

Small seller also gets guidance from the top seller in the meesho about the strategy to grow their business which is rare in amazon or flipkart. This is happened because that does not hurt top seller business rather than they get free publicity and sometime rewards from new seller.

Future potentials 

For these awesome features and community based system more than 1 crore people registered themselves as reseller. They have also future models from where they can generate huge amount of money by floating money in the platform, new manufacturing business and consulting services which we will discuss in another article.

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