A new superpower is rising which may the reason for the next world war

USA, which is consider as a super power, is now threatened by one of the neighbour countries of us. There is no prize to guess that the country is China. There is a global report which showed the super-fast growth of the China.

There is a quad formation between USA, Japan, Australia and India just to mitigate and stop the Chinese aggression in the world. Everyone knows that if china become super power there is a high chance of world war 3 in the entire globe. China already have a huge military power for that.

Today we will discuss this topic in which we will know how china is becoming financial and military super power.

The rising story

It is not a new phenomenon that China is getting more power than ever. They are already in a fast growing pace. In a latest report it was found that China already overtakes US in wealth gain over last two decades. As per GDP, China is still behind the USA, but China is moving upward in high pace.

Some financial experts give their opinion that China will cross in GDP too in 2032. If you confuse about net worth and GDP, let me clear the concept. Net worth is the total amount of assets present in the country. On the other hand, GDP means the amount of product or services provided by that country.

USA companies over Chinese companies

In case of net worth maybe china is ahead of USA, But in case of market capitalization USA is far ahead from China. All listed companies have combinedly 46 trillion dollar market capitalization whereas China`s listed companies market capitalization is 11 trillion dollar.

After Pandemic situation

Nowadays we prefer USA products than the Chinese products after the coronavirus pandemic. Same situation is in other countries. No doubt USA companies get benefitted from the situation. 

In case of manufacturing, China is now a superpower country. More than 28 percent products of the world manufactured in this country. Many developed countries also heavily depend on China for manufacturing. Companies like Apple also make most products in China.

Position of India 

India is still not good positions in manufacturing. We have just 3 percent market share in manufacturing. China also take a high lead in exporting products. China get this high growth and export rate with the help of many countries but now it is backfiring those countries itself. 

Aggression of China

Nowadays China is showing aggregation in neighbouring countries like Taiwan, India, Nepal and Bhutan. They are going for illegal land acquisition. They also make an artificial island in south china sea and kept in their hand.

After the pandemic, when some reports show that it might be from labs of China, many countries stopped their business with them. These countries already lost billions of dollars for pandemic but they took stand for future threat potentials from China.

Responses from other countries

Australia stopped purchasing coal from China. India, USA and other countries also showed their courage against China. China is trying to make string of pearls against India. They are forming military base in neighbouring countries poor countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Srilanka. China is also hiring lakhs of hacker army to start the cyber war.

As an individual level you can contribute by choosing alternatives of Chinese products. It may be Indian or from any other country. Also discuss about this with your circle so many people get aware of the situation.

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