Business model of a start-up company which depends mainly on memes

Today we will going be to talk about an interesting sound name company called “”. This company is started by two IITian in 1st April 2012. In this aricle we will understand how a domain name company business grew so much that it became a big player in Ecommerce sector. We will also know what … Read more

Billion dollar Success story of an aviation company Indigo in few years

Aviation Industry, which was very capital intensive industry, considered very tough for business. It was also controlled by various aviation laws. They have to give high taxes to the government to operate their business. So many companies start this business with high ambition but we often hear the tragic stories in aviation industries.  When most … Read more

Reasons of failure of a billion dollar Start up “Hike Messenger”

Hike App was once valued 1.4 billion dollars, now completely shut down after 14th January,2021. Today we will discuss some reasons to understand the fall of this billion dollar start up of India which was considered once super app of India. In 2012, hike messenger was started by Kavin Mittal son of Sunil Mittal. Sunil … Read more

Why the one of the most promising start up “Askmebazaar” failed

In 1990, when India was going on financial crisis, govt. did not have money to run the country. Then govt. understood if there will be less businessman in the country, then the scenario will never change. Thus the born of SME happens. SME means small and medium enterprises. Some of these SME like Reliance and … Read more

The business strategy of Casify by which it earns from its competitors

Casify is an unique company which earn money from its competitors like Amazon and Flipkart. In this article we will be discussing how this company earn and what are their business model to sustain in the highly competitive market. Business of Casify Casify is a reverse ecommerce platform. It simply means to sell the products … Read more