Know everything about the new investment vehicle REIT

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If you want to know about relatively new asset REIT, than you are in the right place. Today we are going to discuss what is REIT, why this was invented and whether you should invest it or not. We will know everything about this in this discussion. What is REIT The full form of REIT … Read more

RBI launches new scheme to expand the bond market in India

RBI New Guidelines

Today we are going to discuss about a revolutionary bond scheme. This scheme is incorporated by none other than by the Reserve Bank of India itself. The name of the scheme is RBI Retail direct scheme. Let’s understand this in details. Introduction Till date we mostly invest in bonds indirectly. There are some options to … Read more

Reasons of Jio to become a monopoly of telecom sector in India

Sometimes what you see is not the truth. The truth behind that is much darker. Take the example of Jio, we think it become a monopoly in telecom sector as it give free data to its consumers. But the truth is very different. Think about Jio. Everyone from the government to media wanted that Jio … Read more

Case study of Interior designer business Start up BNK group

At present in the world of interior design, BNK group is a big name. But this did not happen overnight. The founder of BNK group, Behzad Kharas had to go long way to reach here. In this article we will know about the case study of this interior designer start up BNK group along with … Read more